Finding The Rewards And Incentives Scheme That Works For Your Business

Providing good rewards and incentives for employees is important for your business for some reasons. It motivates your employees, makes them feel valued, retains good workers, improves performance and generates new business opportunities. Rewards and incentives will benefit a business of any size although the type and style of customer relationship management you choose to implement will vary depending on the nature of your business. Here are a few ideas that may work well.

  • Employee savings

Why not give your employees the opportunity to take advantage of a range of online discounts? This way they can choose a benefit that is of use to them whether it is a reduction in travel insurance or offers on their favourite food and drink.

  • Cycle to work

This is an attractive government scheme that enables employees to lease a bike from their employer for an agreed period. The employee benefits from an affordable mode of transport and the employer benefit from reduced National Insurance contributions and a healthier workforce.

  • Vouchers

A voucher scheme is a simple reward system that is easy to implement. They can be used as a stand-alone reward or as part of a wider incentives scheme. Why not give a single store voucher for a more personal touch or a multi-store capital bond voucher that gives your employee a choice to spend it in one of over 160 high street stores.

  • Child care

If you have employees that may be struggling to support a family, then childcare vouchers could be a well-received reward or benefit that could make a real difference. The vouchers can be used for all sorts of childcare including crèches and after-school clubs.

  • Reward cards

A reward card can be topped up again and again for use in over 130 high street and online stores. These are more secure than a regular voucher, and the cards can be topped up anytime online and are not limited to a fixed amount as with vouchers. A compliments experience card can offer something a little more different with everything from skydiving to a relaxing spa day.

There are lots of ways you can implement new rewards and incentives for employees scheme in your company. Often it is a good idea to seek professional advice and assistance to ensure your new scheme is guaranteed success.